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INDIANAPOLIS — A tire flew off a race car during a crash in the Indianapolis 500 Sunday and hit a parked vehicle.

The crash involved drivers Felix Rosenqvist and Kyle Kirkwood. Rosenqvist went into the wall and spun out. Kirkwood didn’t have much room and hit Rosenqvist while trying to avoid him.

Kirkwood’s race car ended up going upside down and skidding on the track, kicking up sparks as seen from his in-car camera. A tire also came off during the crash, careening toward the stands.

The tire went over the wall and grandstands but didn’t end up in the crowd. Instead, it hit the hood of a car parked outside. Indiana State Police Sgt. Stephen Wheeles said no one was hurt in the tire incident.

Kirkwood and Rosenqvist were able to get out of their cars under their own power.

The race was red-flagged as a result of the crash.

On Monday, INDYCAR sent the following statement:

INDYCAR takes the safety of the drivers and fans very seriously. We are pleased and thankful that no one was hurt.

As a series known for innovation, for the last 24 years, INDYCAR has mandated a wheel suspension tether (energy management system), which uses high-performance Zylon material. It can withstand a force of over 22,000 pounds. INDYCAR was the first sanctioning body in the United States to require its use.

INDYCAR is in possession of the tire involved in yesterday’s incident and has found that the tether did not fail. This is an isolated incident and the series is reviewing to make sure it does not happen again.