INDIANAPOLIS — The stage is set for the 107th running of the Indianapolis 500 Sunday and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is urging air travelers to arrive early and pack smart anticipating high volumes.

TSA says it will be a busy Monday in central Indiana’s international airport, especially at security checkpoints. To expedite the screening process passengers are encouraged to arrive two hours before their departure time and keep prohibited items, including firearms out of their carry-on bags.

TSA works closely with the airport and airlines to prepare for large events like the Indy 500 and checkpoints will be staffed appropriately to meet the projected volume.

More than 22,000 people are expected to be screened on Memorial Day with 5 to 7 a.m. and 4 to 6 p.m. being the busiest periods of the day. In comparison only around 17,000 passengers were screened on Memorial Day in 2022 and 2019 at IND. Monday is expected to bring the highest number of passengers since the day after the 2012 Super Bowl.

In addition to keeping IND passengers safe, TSA plays an important security role for the race itself. TSA is among 28 federal agencies that provide resources to make sure fans and the area’s public transportation system are safe during the busy weekend. Indiana Federal Security Director Aaron Batt, who has played a key role in security planning for this large-scale event for the past seven years, serves as the federal coordinator for security in support of the Indy 500.

We love to see race fans and holiday travelers coming through the checkpoint, but everyone plays a role during busy weekends like this one. Arriving to the airport with extra time and knowing what can and can’t be packed in carry-on and checked bags, as well as packing a little patience for our officers and your fellow passengers, will result in a better screening experience for everyone.

Aaron Batt, Indiana Federal Security Director

The agency also shared five travel tips to help when you arrive to the airport over the busy weekend.

  1. TSA PreCheck members should make sure your Known Travel Number (KTN) is in your reservation.
    • With over 15 million TSA PreCheck members it is essential that the passengers’ correct KTN and date of birth are on the reservation to “Travel with Ease.” TSA PreCheck passengers are low-risk travelers who do not need to remove shoes, belts, liquids, food, laptops and light jackets at the TSA checkpoint. 
  2. Pack an empty bag and know before you go
    • When airline passengers begin packing for travel with an empty bag, they are less likely to be stopped at the security checkpoint for having prohibited items. Prior to packing that empty bag, check TSA’s “What Can I Bring?” tool to know what is prohibited. 
  3. Give yourself plenty of time
    • Summer travel will be busy, so plan ahead! Give yourself plenty of time to park or return a rental car, take a shuttle to the airport if needed, check-in with your airline, check in bags with the airline and prepare for the security checkpoint.
  4. Be aware of new checkpoint technology and follow TSA guidance
    • IND has installed new state-of-the-art advanced technology Computed Tomography (CT) scanners at every lane. All passengers traveling through IND are no longer required to remove their 3-1-1 liquids or laptops, but they must place every carry-on item, including bags, into a bin for screening. 
  5. Contact TSA with questions, compliments, complaints or assistance
    • If travelers have questions there are many ways to contact TSA. Individuals with disabilities, medical needs or other special circumstances may request passenger assistance at least 72 hours in advance by contacting our TSA Cares passenger support line at (855) 787-2227.