Indy apartment refuses to fix parking lot flooding issues, residents say


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Central Indiana has seen quite a bit of rain this weekend.

Dozens of roads had to be closed off due to high water, and for folks living at the Williamsburg North Apartments, it’s something they’re used to seeing right outside their front door.

In less than 24 hours, two different vehicles got stuck in high waters at the complex, located on the northeast side of Indianapolis.

In both cases, the owners were just visiting the complex when they got stuck in the parking lot.

Tia Esters says a handmade sign was put up last night when the first vehicle became stuck in the water.

It reads in part “the back gate is opened; if you don’t want to drive through the flood.”

“I think they are pretty sad, and they are also hand written, so who can read that, especially if it’s raining when it bleeds on there,” Tia Esters said.

Today, caution tape and cones were placed out to deter motorists from driving through.

Esters has lived at the complex for four years.

She and her neighbors know every time it rains, it’s going to flood outside their front door.

“They actually put an extra $15 increase on rent because of the flooding, which they haven’t fixed anything,” said Esters.

She says she has complained to management, but nothing gets done.

According to Esters, there used to be fence blocking off the ravine that the two drivers got stuck in, but they never replaced it.

She claims it’s impossible to see the dip when it’s covered with water.

We attempted to take Esters’ concerns to management at the complex, but when FOX59’s Aaron Cantrell approached the building, an employee locked the door and refused to answer it.

Esters plans on moving in a few months, but she hopes the owners get a handle on this problem because a flooded car is an extra expense not a lot of people can afford.

“Clean a drain, find a drain or build a drain. Do something!” Esters said.

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