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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- An Indianapolis-based company is doing its part to help out during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fatheadz Eyewear switched its production to help get personal protective equipment to healthcare workers across the country.

Rico Elmore founded Fatheadz Eyewear back in 2004.

“I could never find eyewear to fit, knew that I couldn’t be the only guy, right,” said Rico Elmore, owner of Fatheadz.

Normally Fatheadz sells eyeglasses and sunglasses but in these not so normal times, Elmore and his production team shifted.

“A lot of places couldn’t pivot and I feel horrible for those folks by the grace of God we were able to pivot,” said Elmore.

For about the past month, Fatheadz has focused on producing safety goggles, glasses and shields for healthcare workers on the frontline. Millions of pieces have been sent all over the country, from Indiana to California.

“The whole spirit of it all was to start with, was to help keep everybody working, keep our people healthy but at the end of the day it helped a lot of people stay healthy and that was a pretty big deal to us,” said Elmore.

Elmore didn’t need a pandemic to prove the importance of nurses and doctors, for him it’s personal. Elmore’s 28-year-old daughter is battling leukemia.  She recently had a bone marrow transplant and strict restrictions kept her family away from the hospital

“We literally did not get to see her for over a month,” said Elmore.

This father and founder’s company is made for a larger than normal size head and it turns out the size of its heart may be close to the same size.

“Whatever we could do to try to give back was huge,” said Elmore.

The next shipment is 2.5 million pieces of equipment which is expected to go out to California this week. Also, Elmore’s daughter is now out of the hospital and recovering at home.