Indy business launches dog GPS tracker ‘Furtrieve’

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Indianapolis, Ind. — Every year, 10 million dogs are lost, according to the Humane Society.

For some dog owners, the solution is micro-chipping, but every pet reacts differently to the device & some owners cannot maintain costs of implantation, registration, and maintenance.

An Indianapolis based business is launching an affordable, tech-friendly option.

FOX59’s Beairshelle Edmé found out how Furtrieve can let you track your dog 24/7.

“That’s a boy,” shouts Joshua Kublnick, of Albany. “Come on!”

Kublnick’s dog, Findlay, is young, curious, and sneaky too, so he wanders.

“You have a million possibilities running through your head,” Kublnick relived. “Is he in the house somewhere I didn’t look? Is he at a neighbors’ (home)? Did he get picked up by the dog pound? Is he playing in traffic?”

For nearly an hour, he searched for his runaway dog before finding him.

The ASPCA says 93% of the time, lost dogs are never found, and Furtrieve wants to tackle the issue.

“There’s no one (product) that does everything we do in one device — so the GPS tracking, the crowd notify, the calling the pet,” said Sarah Harnish, Furtieve’s chief marketing officer.

Futrieve was created 1 year ago when the company’s founder, Jordan Hetlund, lost his dog, Otis.

He created a multi-use GPS tracking device that fits on a dog’s collar.

“If the pet leaves, in 10 seconds, you’ll be notified,” Furtrieve’s CMO explained.

On the mobile app, there’s also a feature to “crowd notify” a group that your dog is missing.

“You can hit a button, and a text will be sent to 10 contacts,” Hetlund said.

Users can also call their pet. The device has a speaker where owners can give commands through the mobile app.

“If you saw him (the dog, Otis) on the circle and you saw some people walking by, you could say, ‘Otis, sit!’ and then you could be like, ‘That’s my dog! Person in the red shirt, I’m coming to get him. Please, stop the pet,'” she detailed.

Kublnick says the product is a no-brainer for dog owners.

“There was one time where he got out when no one was home, and so of course, we got the alert, but by the time we could get back home, he was outside of the neighborhood,” he recalled. “We were able to pull up the app and find exactly where he was.”

Which means no matter where he goes, Findlay can always make his way back home, even if it means Kublnick has to track him down first.

Click here to learn more about Furtrieve.

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