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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Video of a McDonald’s melee is going viral on social media, and the entire bizarre incident happened right here in Indianapolis.

The video appears to show two women climbing through the drive-thru window of the McDonald’s at 16th and Meridian, enraged over a problem with Chicken McNuggets.

The woman who shot the video, Monique McNeely, said she has been getting calls from as far away as New Zealand about the story.

“All of a sudden, I hear yelling and see these two girls just spring out of the car and literally just dive headfirst into the drive thru window,” said McNeely, who just happened to be in the car behind these two women around 3:00 a.m. Friday.

“I thought that they were robbing,” said McNeely, “and when I heard the shouting I thought ‘Please tell me this is not happening to me.’”

According to a police report, the two women were upset over not getting their chicken nuggets, which managers told them they had never ordered nor paid for in the first place. The report said the women, apparently feeling disrespected, pounded on the window, climbed inside and then assaulted the store manager before knocking over a basin of iced tea and then fighting their way back outside the same way they came in.

Managers at the store declined to comment, but some people in the area said they were not surprised about the altercation.

“McDonalds can be a pretty weird fast food place,” said a woman named Jennifer who only gave her first name, “it’s kind of like a Walmart for fast food.”

But others said, in general, things at this location are usually pretty tame.

“Truthfully, it’s really a calm McDonalds,” said regular customer Alonda Wilson, “that’s the first time something like that happened over there.”

Police say the car appears to be a silver Infiniti. McNeely said she did get a shot of the car’s license plate, which she turned over to managers and police.