Indy church honors school tragedy victims

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At Sunday services, members of the Great Commission Church of God held a special candlelight vigil for the victims of the Newtown, Connecticut shooting.

Rev. Malichi Walker, pastor of the church, is encouraging other church communities to light candles to honor the victims.

“There’s darkness all across that city now and we can shed a little light. Shine a little light upon them to bring some peace and some comfort to them,” Walker said.

At the service, the name of each victim was read as children placed candles for those victims. Jessica Cunningham, a church member, said she’s struggled to tell her own children about the tragedy.

“(I’m) letting them know that this is a real part of life, but at the same time I don’t want to scare them from going to school,” Cunningham said.

In the emotional service, church members focused on sending their prayers and thoughts to those in Connecticut who are hurting after the shooting.

“What are we to do? Yes, we are miles away … (but) we can pray and we can remember those victims,” Walker said during the service.

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