Indy community pushes for sidewalks after 3 teen killed in crash

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INDIANAPOLIS — A northwest side Indianapolis community is calling for change after three teenagers were hit and killed during a crash Saturday morning.

Reverend David Greene Senior of Purpose of Life Ministries is devastated for the families of the teens who lost their lives.

“We don’t always understand why God does what he does. Let him be the source of healing of their pain,” Reverend Greene Sr. said.

Neighbor Jewell Williams heard the whole tragic accident at 1:30 a.m.

“As soon as I laid down, I hear a big boom. It was like someone was breaking in our house, that’s how loud it was,” Williams explained.

According to IMPD, a car was traveling south in Kessler Boulevard when it struck another car from behind.

They say the second car hit a third vehicle.

Police say the drivers lost control and one or more of the vehicles struck the three teenagers while they were walking along the road.

“As soon as I got out here, they said three teenagers had gotten hit, and they were all dead,” Williams said.

Reverend Greene has been advocating for sidewalks along Kessler Boulevard for a long time.

He wants it to be safer for the many pedestrians that travel on the road.

“We got single moms that are taking strollers and going down Kessler. Many times, during the day they’re trying to get to various places,” Reverend Greene Sr. said.

A lot of neighbors agree with Reverend Greene.

They would like to see sidewalks but would also love to see drivers slow down.

“A lot of them come through here, and they don’t pay any attention to the 35 mph,” Williams said.

Williams said the worst times are at night.

“Have more of a police presence over here so that you can keep up with stuff. I know they can’t be everywhere, but kind of patrol the neighborhood better,” Williams explained.

Reverend Greene believes the teens would’ve had a fighting chance if there’d been a sidewalk there.

“We need it to move up the priority chain. We need it to be something that actually gets done and not just talked about,” Reverend Greene Sr. said.

Police said speed was a factor in this crash.

They have conducted blood tests to see if any of the drivers were under the influence.

The three teenagers’ identities have not been released at this time.

A vigil for the teens is planned this Monday at Purpose of Life Ministries.

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