Indy DPW calls out 80 drivers with more snow in forecast


INDIANAPOLIS — With more snow in the forecast, the Indianapolis Department of Public Works says their crews will continue with a full shift of 80 drivers.

Indy DPW says drivers will arrive at 11 p.m. for another 12-hour shift. The department says their crews have been active since Sunday evening when they began pre-treating roadways. 

DPW added that traffic crews will also be on standby to address any resulting damage to traffic signals. Residents can report these issues by calling the Mayor’s Action Center at 317-327-4622. If the call center is closed, the caller must press ‘2’ to be connected with Indy DPW.

The Indy Snow Force Viewer will continue to be active and shows where roads along standard routes have been recently plowed or treated with salt.

Motorists are urged to allow for plenty of time to safely reach their destination, leave plenty of room between their vehicle and other vehicles and keep at least three car lengths between their vehicle and DPW trucks.

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