INDIANAPOLIS — Leaders of an Indianapolis charter school are asking city officials to help make the street outside the school safer. The Believe Circle City High School is right at the intersection of 26th St. and Capitol Ave.

Right along Capitol you can still see debris from the latest car crash near there. Administrators at Believe Circle City said there were two crashes in the area on Tuesday.

“Things like this don’t need to be happening around a school building,” said Taranjit Singh, the teacher at Believe Circle City.

Singh said there are frequent accidents at that intersection. Capitol is a one-way heading south, he sees cars speed down it and other cars crossing on 26th St. will ignore the stop sign or think Capitol Ave. has a stop, too.

“I’m also hearing a lot of students talk about close calls with a lot of drivers just speedily going down this road,” Singh said.

More than 80 students from the charter school cross that intersection everyday to go to classes at Ivy Tech Community College on the other side of the road.

Assistant Principal Jawn Manning said she sees at least two crashes a month at the intersection.

”They [students] are frequently going back and forth and it just feels like a disaster waiting to happen until something is addressed around the traffic pattern in this area,” Manning said.

The most recent crash was between two cars and sent debris across the road.

”There was a truck and it spun completely around in a couple of circles,” Manning said. “It almost hit the bus, tons of things kind of flew out from the truck. We were trying to help the people get their things back from under the bus.”

Manning and Singh said they have reached out to the Mayor’s Office and City-County Council about the current safety measures that are not working or are non-existent.

“It’s been months and there’s been no follow through and it’s a little worrying because its like what are we waiting for, a child to get hit,” Singh said.

There is a crosswalk across 26th St. but there is not one across Capitol Ave. A half-block up there are flashing school zone speed limit signs but those have not been working since the school started in Fall of 2020.

Faculty hope to see those lights back up and running and feel any additional infrastructure changes could help, too.

”Having a clearly marked crosswalk and the button that kind of has the flashing lights like they do in some intersections saying a student is passing, a pedestrian is passing, would be super helpful,” Manning said.

FOX59 reached out to the Mayor’s Office, City-County Council and Department of Public Works (DPW).

Indy DPW sent back a statement. It says DPW engineers do not recommend a crosswalk at 26th St. and Capitol Ave. because there is nothing stopping traffic. Instead of students crossing at 26th St., they recommend students cross Capitol at Fall Creek Parkway near the south end of the high school.

DPW said it’s traffic team was out in the area recently and saw several traffic signs missing, they’re working to get those replaced.

On top of that, DPW said crews will be out install solar panels and new modems Thursday morning to ensure the flashing school zone lights are functional.