INDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis Department of Public Works, with financial support from the Indiana Department of Transportation, expects to break ground in the coming months on a $40 million project to rebuild County Line Road from I-69 to State Road 135.

“Along with the addition of two additional travel lanes, we’re also gonna include traffic safety measures like lighting and pedestrian infrastructure which will include a multi-modal path and sidewalks,” said Brandon Herget, DPW Director. “Roundabouts are included and that’s something we don’t have enough of on the southside, so we are excited.”

The project will also include the leveling out of a hill that currently has obstructed sightlines, the construction of retaining walls and two bridges, and improved stormwater runoff.

The completion of I-69 is expected to add more traffic along County Line Road.

“We’re certainly anticipating an increase in traffic,” said Herget. “I can’t speak to weight and what type of vehicles, but an increase in traffic.”

County Line Road currently has two lanes which are often congested and can be challenging to navigate when drivers make left turns.

The County Line Road/I-69 interchange has already been constructed with additional lanes and a roundabout outside of Victory Liquors.

“Once everything opened up it’s been a lot better. Our only thing is County Line Road being so small,” said Manager Andrew Eaker.

Construction is expected to be completed in the spring of 2026.

“I’m sure that the people who live around here aren’t going to be too happy about it,” said Eaker, “but if it smooths things around, I don’t really have a problem with it.”