Indy family wants justice after a fight between neighbors leads to deadly shooting


INDIANAPOLIS —  A fight between neighbors turned deadly on Indy’s near east side and the victim’s family is wondering why no one has been arrested more than two weeks after the killing.

Several witnesses described how the victim was shot and killed in his own front yard on Harlan street.  

Unlike many unsolved cases, the victim’s friends and family say they know who committed the shooting. They simply want the killer held accountable.

The violence took place just after sunset two weeks ago on a Friday night. Police were called to Harlan street where a shooting claimed the life of 57-year-old Larry Mathes.

“I’m lost. I’m totally lost. That’s all I had,” said Joyce Mathes.

Joyce and Larry had been married for 38 years. She is understandably distraught by the loss.

“I want my husband and I want that man held accountable for what he did to my husband,” said Joyce.

Family provided photo of Larry Mathes.

Witnesses say the violence started after Larry’s friend Gus had mowed a neighbor’s yard.

Gus claims an angry neighbor hit him with a stick and he called for Larry’s help. That’s when multiple witnesses insist the victim came outside and was quickly confronted by his neighbor’s brother who was armed with a handgun.

“He told that guy don’t pull that pistol. The guy shot him twice. Larry fell backwards. I moved because I thought I’d be shot and he put about three more in him,” said one witness Darrell Dishman.

“He shot him 4 or 5 times and then the last shot he shot his left hand,” said witness Stanley Eversole.

Both Stanley and Darrell admit Larry had a rifle in his hand, but say he didn’t point it at the suspect, who accidentally shot himself one time.

“Larry didn’t raise it at all. He had it right by his side the whole time,” said Eversole.

“He had his rifle, but it was down to his side when he came out the door to check on Gus,” said Joyce.

A small memorial of flowers and signs has been set up in the yard where Larry died, while his friends and family demand justice for the death.

“This man is out here walking the street like nothing happened and my husband is gone,” said Joyce.

“The dude needs to be arrested for being stupid and shooting her old man. Larry didn’t do nothing to nobody. He was the sweetest guy in the world,” said Eversole.

Police would only say the death remains an active investigation, but again no arrests have been made.

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