Indy father hopes murder this month raises awareness about unsolved killing of his son in 2019


INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis father hopes a recent murder raises awareness about an older unsolved killing.

The two murders took place 17 months apart and aren’t connected in any way aside from the location. Both homicides took place at the same apartment complex near 25th and Keystone.

In August 2019 dozens of friends and family gathered for hugs and a balloon release after someone shot 20-year-old Marquis Quinn to death. That’s a loss his father still mourns.

“I’m hurt. I can’t see my son,” said Willie Quinn. “It’s like my son’s death has been swept up under the carpet.”

Willie Quinn claims his son was sitting inside a car with his sister during a late-night summer block party when someone opened fire on the crowd at the New Bridge Apartments. Investigators didn’t believe the 20-year-old was the intended target, but the reason for the killing and the identity of the gunman remains a mystery to this day.

“I don’t know. All I know is a life is lost and the life lost is Marquis Quinn, my son,” said Quinn.

Last week, another family released balloons during a vigil at the Edna Martin Christian Center after experiencing their own tragedy.

60-year-old Johnny Purchase was working as a community outreach coach at the same apartment complex when someone killed him on the job.

“I sympathize for that family that went through what I went through, but don’t forget about my son.  I’m still grieving,” said Quinn.

So far no one has been arrested for the murders of the man known as Mr. Johnny or Marquis Quinn, but Willie still prays justice will be served for both men.

“I’m lost.  I wake up every day praying to God.  I go to sleep praying to God to find his killer,” said Quinn.  “I just need resolution of what happened to my son in his last day.”

Police have not released any detailed suspect information in either case.

Anyone with information on those two deaths is still asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

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