Indy FOP worries officers may flee IMPD as Kokomo begins running new recruitment ad

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INDIANAPOLIS — The city of Kokomo is running a new ad aimed at recruiting police officers from around the state.

With open arms in the new ad, Kokomo mayor Tyler Moore welcomes police officers to join his city’s police force.

“Here in Kokomo we support and embrace our law enforcement officers and the best way to do that is to increase our numbers,” said Mayor Moore.

The ad highlights a 20 percent pay increase approved for Kokomo officers.

Mayor Moore insists the ad is not targeted just at members of IMPD, but admits the COVID pandemic has made it difficult to recruit new officers this year and lateral transfers are welcome.

“My commitment coming into my first term as mayor was to focus on public safety and the crux of that was on increasing our numbers,” said Moore.

Kokomo’s ad never mentions IMPD, but with the recent fight over Proposal 237 in Indianapolis, the leader of the local FOP is concerned about officer retention because he claims many officers don’t feel supported by elected officials in Indy.

Indianapolis FOP president Rick Snyder spent Monday rallying family members of IMPD officers at the CCB in opposition to Proposal 237.

Despite the opposition, the city-county council passed 237 which creates civilian oversight of IMPD policies.

Snyder claims only 3 percent of IMPD officers feel supported by Indianapolis mayor Joe Hogsett.

Coupled with a dramatic spike in deadly violence this year across Indianapolis, Snyder says morale within IMPD is low and he expects many officers will leave the force, regardless of Kokomo’s ad.

“I guess you could say timing is everything,” said Moore.  “You know this is more a call to action statewide.”

Kokomo’s ad is set to run in both the Indianapolis and South Bend markets.

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