Indy hit-and-run victim hopes police arrest driver who changed his life forever

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Hope is something people hold on to even in the darkest of times. It’s what kept 24-year-old Andres Gomez from giving up after he was involved in a horrific crash on I-70 last August.

At the time, state police thought they had arrested the right suspect, but turns out they didn’t.

They’re currently still looking for the person responsible for causing the serious crash. Gomez said he was hit from behind on eastbound I-70 near Keystone Avenue, while pulled over trying to fix his motorcycle.

“I don’t remember flying. I just remember hitting the ground. I was on my stomach and my arms were holding my head up,” Gomez said.

The impact left him in a state of shock.

“When I looked over I saw my foot. My left foot up here on my shoulder so I knew something was wrong,” Gomez said.

At the time of the crash, witnesses told police the driver who hit Gomez ran from the scene on foot.

“When the cops came into my room they were like; we caught the wrong guy. He was not the one who hit you,” Gomez explained.

State police are still looking for the suspect. Gomez now spends most of his time in a wheelchair. Doctors were unable to save his left leg.

“It was really hard especially getting up. It was just you’re so used to lying down in the bed. When you get up all of the blood just rushes down to your leg and it was just painful,” Gomez said.

Gomez said losing his leg was tough, but the most difficult part was being away from his kids.

“I went two months without seeing my kids and I had a newborn. She was only two months when I had my accident,” Gomez said.

He’s still learning to live life without one leg.

Six months and 22 surgeries later, Gomez will get to walk with his prosthetic leg on Monday.

State police are still investigating. Gomez said a complete stranger saved his life the night of the accident and he will forever be grateful.

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