Indy Humane asking for help as dogs, cats surrendered at alarming rate

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A local animal shelter is asking for help and patience. The Humane Society of Indianapolis is seeing a growing number of dogs and cats being surrendered, and the shelter is nearly full.

“We had to turn away Good Samaritans who found stray dogs last week, and that’s heartbreaking,” said Christine Jeschke, chief operating officer with Indy Humane.

The shelter can only accept puppies right now because the cages are full. The staff is asking pet owners who want to surrender their animals to consider options or give them time to adopt some of their population out.

“When the doorbell rings here, there is a little bit of emotion that peaks because you know it’s going to be a difficult situation,” said Jeschke.

She also mentioned a yearly trend where animals are given as Christmas presents then surrendered because they are unwanted. It is a practice they discourage.

“It makes us cringe because, to choose a pet, that’s real personal, and it’s a family decision. You shouldn’t surprise someone with a ‘poop monster.’ Honestly, puppies are a lot of work, and you have to be prepared for that decision,” said Jeschke.

The shelter does not euthanize an animal unless it is especially aggressive or has a serious health condition.

The staff asks that pet owners, new and old, consider all of their options before choosing to surrender the dog or cat.

“We just ask people to be patient, seek resources, let us try and offer something that might help them keep the pet in the home and out of the shelter system both here and at the city shelter,” said Jeschke.

Indy Humane gives pet owners in need access to low cost vaccines, spay and neuter, food and free obedience training.

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