Indy Latino nonprofit preparing for 50th anniversary


INDIANAPOLIS- National Hispanic Heritage Month continues and FOX59 is highlighting the longest-standing Latino nonprofit in central Indiana. 

Next year, “La Plaza” will be celebrating their 50th anniversary. 

“It’s important to have someplace you can go to that you feel safe. That you feel heard and there’s a comfort level there for you and that’s what La Plaza does,” La Plaza’s President and CEO Miriam Acevedo Davis said.

La Plaza provides Latinos with essential health and social services along with vital educational opportunities for the youth. 

“We have incredible staff who do incredible work every day to serve the community, so we’ve earned that confidence in the community. We’ve earned that respect because we provide good services,” Acevedo Davis said.

“La Plaza” was established in 1971 and was originally known as El Centro Hispano. It was formed to address the needs of the growing Hispanic community moving to central Indiana. 

“People come here because there are jobs. You can live here, do well, and there are good services here,” Acevedo Davis explained.

Their services are important now more than ever due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Latino community is one of the most vulnerable populations. 

“Every Friday we give out 200 boxes of food and produce,” Acevedo Davis said.

Acevedo Davis credits her team for building “La Plaza” to what it is today. 

“It’s not I made it, so you go do it on your own. We know if I made it; it’s because everybody else supported me in doing that,” Acevedo Davis said.

For their 50th anniversary, they’ll celebrate and honor those who made an impact. 

“What were the achievements that the Latino community achieved at those times? Who were the people responsible for that? Who are community leaders both known and unknown that contributed?” Acevedo Davis said.

They want the community to know Latinos are a part of Indiana’s foundation. 

For more information on La Plaza click here.

If you’re in need of assistance text (317)890-3292.

Si necesita ayuda del texto de La Plaza (317) 890-3292.

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