Indy man hospitalized after shooting and cut off from family for 5 days reaches out for help

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – An Indianapolis man hospitalized following a shooting and cut off from his family reached out to FOX59 for help.

The shooting victim has been in the hospital for the last five days. During that time, he says no one with IMPD talked to him until an hour after FOX59 began looking into the story Wednesday morning. That delay caused the hospital to limit access to his loved ones in his time of need.

It all started when the victim agreed to sell a video game system on OfferUp. The victim, David Lawson, came to an apartment complex on Friday before realizing he was being ripped off.

“They made the exchange when my brother went back to his car. His girlfriend told him the money was fake,” said the victim’s sister, Kirsten Lawson.

Kirsten says her brother tried to confront the thief when he came under fire and got shot in the hip.

“PS4 is worth like $140 if you find the right person. This guy thought it was worth ripping me off and trying to take my life,” said David Lawson over the phone.

While Methodist Hospital could not confirm Lawson was a patient when FOX59 called, Lawson says the gunman drove away in a blue car captured on a camera in the area, while he laid on the ground in pain.

“I started yelling for help. People came to help me. It was probably the most traumatic thing I’ve ever experienced to be honest,” said Lawson.

David says the trauma was made worse because for five days at Methodist, no IMPD officers talked to him and the hospital kept most of his family away until that happened.

Leaders with IMPD say they tried to talk to David over the weekend, but he was not awake and the detective assigned to the case had days off and training scheduled this week.

Just an hour after FOX59 began looking into the complaint, the IMPD called David and told him they do not have any restrictions on visiting his family.

“I’m in pain over here and they just don’t seem to care over there,” said Lawson. “These people aren’t going to hurt me. They’re my family. I just want them here to be with me.”

“It’s very frustrating because we want him to get better and he can’t get better if he can’t see anyone in his family,” said Kirsten Lawson. “We want justice. We want someone to care and to do their job.”

The IMPD reminds everyone they have set up “E-Commerce Safe Zones” at their district headquarters buildings.

In the meantime anyone with information on the case is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

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