INDIANAPOLIS — More than a dozen criminal charges have been filed against a man accused of robbing a series of Asian spas around Indianapolis.

Court records show 42-year-old Roy King is facing 17 counts of armed robbery, criminal confinement, kidnapping and weapons charges.

Court records show technology proved critical to helping police solve the case.

With cameras rolling, an armed thief pulled a frightened employee out of one massage room and shoved her down the hall into another room at gunpoint.

That surveillance video showed a man robbing the Sunshine Spa on Post Road in mid-September.

After threatening the employees, the armed thief dumped out several bags on the floor, grabbed some money and ran away.

Police believe the same suspect also committed very similar robberies at the Angel Spa on Indy’s north side as well as the Rosemary Spa on the south side.

Using license plate readers, police were able to track down a minivan that drove away from the three crimes.

IMPD’s covert robbery unit put the van’s owner, identified as King, under surveillance and claimed he attempted to rob the N Spa on the east side earlier this month leading to his arrest the same day.

“Various technologies are being used daily for our detectives to identify those responsible for crimes and make arrests,” said IMPD Lt. Shane Foley.

IMPD insists license plate readers are helping solve crimes faster than ever and improving public safety.

“Ultimately that’s the goal is we’re able to identify people responsible for crimes and get them off the streets and everyone in the community is safer,” said Foley.

Right now, IMPD has more than 320 readers around the city and plans to add another 150 readers next year.

Court documents claim King admitted to the crimes, but added he assumed police were following him so he threw away the clothing used in the robberies and sold his handgun before being caught.

The suspect made his initial court hearing last week and is now being held on a $150,000 surety bond as well as a $2,000 cash bond.