AVON, Ind. – We are three days away from the Indy Mini Marathon. More than 20,000 runners from all over the world will be in Indianapolis for the race. The race will be the 100th Indiana half-marathon for Susan Skelton.

“Just one day I started counting,” said Susan Skelton.

Susan Skelton hasn’t stopped running or counting since. 

“I always knew I wanted the Indy Mini to be my 100th because it was my first,” said Skelton.

Skelton is 57 years old. There’s a history of heart disease in her family and that’s part of her motivation to run.

“I wanted to take steps to keep me in the best health that I could possibly be.”

She started walking half-marathons in 1997. Then worked up to running and eventually was going all over the Hoosier state running 13.1 miles, from Indiana State University’s campus to Notre Dame’s stadium and all the Indiana backgrounds in between.

“The Seymour Mini Marathon, which takes place in May as well, I saw a lot of cows down there at that one,” said Skelton.

Skelton will be one of the more than 20,000 Indy Mini runners on Saturday.  It’s one of the largest half marathons in Indiana with runners from 48 states and 6 countries.

“We are very excited to be back in person. It’s been 2 years of just virtual and I know everyone is excited to hit the streets of downtown Indianapolis,” said Lindsay Labas, VP of Marketing and Communications with the 500 Festival.

Skelton doesn’t care about her finish time, she’s out there just to cross the finish line.

“It doesn’t matter if I finish first or if I finish last, and I have finished last in a tiny little half marathon and that’s ok. I finished it,” said Skelton.

Skelton’s about to finish a half marathon for the 100th time in her home state.

“It’s going to be really special; it’s going to mean a lot to me,” said Skelton.

Skelton’s next goal is run a half marathon in every state. She’s already completed 32 states.