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INDIANAPOLIS — A Hendricks County family is setting an example of showing up for the people you love. Pastors Russell and Beverly Hylton, of the Bethel Family Worship Center, opened their home to two teens after their mother died in July after battling COVID19.

“They have brought so much joy,” Beverly said. “We tell everyone, and we tell them every day, they are great kids and they really are.”

Their mom, Belinda, served in the Hylton’s church for years and the children grew up there.

“We have lots of parishioners, but she was a friend,” Beverly said. “She was loyal, she was faithful. She loved her children.”

Russell and Beverly offered to make her house a home for Belinda’s children, Antoine and Nina Cooper, or they could move to Chicago and live with other family members. Antoine and Nina moved in two and a half weeks later.

“They’re just so familiar, I guess you could say,” Nina said. “Because it’d be a big change to have to move all the way to Chicago, all the way from Indiana, which is all I know.”

Russell and Beverly are already proud grandparents and now welcome this unexpected blessing of caring for these two Ben Davis High School students who continue to make their mom proud.

“Especially since we are honor students, keeping our grades up, not letting them like slip,” Nina said.

The Hyltons and the Coopers encourage everyone to have a willingness to help others through hardships.

“We knew what she wanted for her kids, we knew what she wanted spiritually, we knew what she wanted educationally and we just determined in our heart we were going to stay on track and help her fulfill that,” Russell said.