Indy pet food company donates food for ISP K-9 officers

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K-9 officers with the Indiana State Police are eating well.  The department received a generous donation of a month long supply of Mister Buck’s Pet Food.  But, it doesn’t end there. Mister Buck’s has committed to donating food for one year.

John Kitto, the company’s owner, hopes that this is the beginning of a new tradition and has agreed to donate as long as funds allow.

“Part of our mission is to donate money back to animal welfare groups and humane societies and the fact that canines are so important to law enforcement,  it seemed to fit really well in with that mission,” said Kitto.

Troopers who work with the K-9’s say Mister Buck’s homemade pet food is a relief from other very costly dog foods.

Tony Knox, the K-9 program coordinator for the enforcement division, is doing whatever he can to raise money for the troopers and their K-9 partners.

“Last year we spent about $7,500 on dog food alone just for our program,” Knox said.  “Now you get handlers that are having to raise $800 every year to pay for their vet bills and pay for their food. That gets to be expensive.”

So with this donation, the money that was previously used on food can now be put back into the program.

“It’s been one of those rare things where a business purpose, and a philanthropic purpose and a public purpose come together and the saying win-win is probably overused but this really is a win-win, everybody walks away with something valuable,” Kitto said.

In February Mister Buck’s Genuinely Good Pet Food Company received the Economic Development and Growth through Entrepreneurship Award. Kitto believes giving back to the community is an important part of doing business.

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