Indy Public Works responds to claims of lackluster snow response

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INDIANAPOLIS (Jan. 2) — Snow plow drivers with the city of Indianapolis are working countless hours trying to clear the streets of the fresh snow that fell Thursday. Some Hoosiers are hoping that the nightmare commute to and from work won’t be repeated Friday.

There are currently 90 plow drivers taking care of the surface streets in Indianapolis, which they’ve been doing since before the snow started. But, at least one elected official expected the roads would be in far better shape than they were.

“This is really uncharacteristic of Department of Public Works,” said Zach Adamson, City-County Councilman at-large. “Normally they are really on it.”

“We activated our full force on wednesday at 11,” said Lesley Gordon, Department of Public Works.

The DPW is defending itself against what some say was a lackluster response to the snowstorm. Councilman Zach Adamson says he’s heard from folks from all over Central Indiana who came to the city that both DPW and INDOT roads weren’t kept up. He calls it unacceptable.

“I would say, ya know, especially since I know that DPW really does have an amazing group of people working for them and this is really an exception to the rule rather than the rule. And I know they have the ability to maintain these roads in an acceptable standard,” said Adamson.

Gordon says their agency was prepared and ready to go, it was just bad timing.

“When it hits when we have all of our traffic and we have a heavy snow in a short amount of time, the conditions are going to change, but we will continue to work to clear those roads and make it safe for everyone to travel.”

The main streets in the city, as well as the INDOT roads, will all continue to be treated and plowed until they are safe. DPW crews in particular will remain out all night Thursday and in to the day Friday until that happens.

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