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INDIANAPOLIS – The Department of Business and Neighborhood Services (BNS) is reminding Marion County residents that it is illegal to burn leaves.

Other materials that are illegal to burn at any time in Marion County include:

  • Household garbage/trash
  • Furniture/mattresses
  • Animal carcasses
  • Leaves
  • Tires

A complete list of prohibited materials can be found here.

Residents of Marion County may only burn only dried branches, limbs and twigs that originate from their property for disposal if they follow these requirements:

  • Use a non-combustible container with a ventilated mesh covering with openings no greater than one-fourth inch
  • Place container at least 15 feet from any structure, trees or other object that may catch fire
  • Maintain a means to extinguish the fire at all times while burning
  • Burn ONLY between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.
  • Attend to the fire at all times
  • Prevent nuisance activity

Permitted open burning types include:

  • Ceremonial bonfires conducted by established groups (e.g. schools, churches or other recognized organizations)
  • Campfires, patio fire pits or chiminea
  • Cooking fires such as barbecue grills
  • Personal comfort fires

Indianapolis residents who observe burning that does not meet the above criteria, please report it to the Mayor’s Action Center through the RequestIndy app on your smart phone/device or by dialing 317-327-4622 (4-MAC).

As a reminder, Indy DPW leaf collection begins on Monday, November 9. Click here for more information.