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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – PACE Indy, an initiative offering people who are re-entering society from the criminal justice system many resources, is not closing their doors unless the local or state government makes them. The services they offer, including substance abuse recovery, can be a matter of life and death for people.

“That’s a way to allow them to fall through the cracks, or maybe re-offend or something like that, and those are the things that we try to prevent here at PACE,” Cherelle Prim, Case Manager, said.

For now, they are practicing social distancing and using more open spaces than their smaller offices to meet with clients. 

“For social isolation, we know that that has detrimental effects on anyone, especially vulnerable populations,” Kelsey Lemond, Occupational Therapy Intern, said.

Five days a week, from 8:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., PACE’s recovery resource center is open at 2855 N. Keystone Avenue. Peer recovery coaches will be there so people are not alone. 

“It’s alone with myself in my mind with my angers, my fears, my resentment, all of those things,” Gina Fears, Asst. Director Recovery and Community Services, said. She asserts this puts a person who is battling addiction at risk of falling into old habits.

If the Coronavirus forces PACE’s closure, they encourage online substance recovery programs. PACE advises people to use In The Rooms which you can find here,

There’s an online group for Alcoholics Anonymous in Spanish available here, grupoaaskype. Another page for Alcoholics Anonymous online can be found here,