Indy sisters robbed at gunpoint while meeting for online transaction

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Two sisters were robbed at gunpoint while meeting someone for an online transaction. Saturday afternoon, Destiney Schaffer and Ashley Miller showed up to an east side apartment complex to sell a cell phone for their mom.

Schaffer and Miller said the man came up to the driver’s side and made conversation, asking questions about the phone. The women saw the cash in his hand but didn’t see the gun until he pulled it out, shoving it to the back of Schaffer’s head.

“All I kept thinking was he was going to shoot me, my sister and my kids in the backseat,” said Destiney Schaffer.

The man allegedly grabbed the phone and took off running. Police are still searching for him and that’s why the victims did feel comfortable showing their faces.

The two single mothers each had a child buckled in the back, a baby girl and a three-year-old boy. They say seconds before the armed robber whipped out a gun, he peeked in the back and saw there were children.

“He knew they were there. He didn’t care, that was probably more reason for him to do it because he knew we weren’t going to do anything, there’s babies in the car,” said Ashley Williams.

The sisters admit they’ve used the Offer Up app before and never had a problem until now.

“It’s not safe to meet up with strangers online to sell your things. I’ve had it happen to friends and it happened to me with my kids and it’s not safe,” said Schaeffer.

The two mothers learned a dangerous lesson and now want this man off the streets before someone gets hurt.

“He’s going to eventually get what he deserves,” said Schaffer.

Police are constantly reminding people to be extra careful when meeting up to buy or sell items. Several departments have designated parking spaces for online exchanges.

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