INDIANAPOLIS — Snow plows are on standby in Indianapolis as white flakes are expected Saturday morning. It’s a part of a drastic change in temperatures in a 48-hour span.

“Yesterday I’m on my deck in a hammock and this morning I’m bundled up for a walk,” said David Dreith, who was out for a walk on the Monon. “It’s like the bottom fell out of the thermometer on this one.”

The temperature swing is one even the experts are taking notice of.

“In a span of three days we will have three seasons,” said FOX59 Chief Meteorologist Brian Wilkes. “It felt like summer, at least late summer on Thursday, it felt like November Friday and December shows up on Saturday with snow and much colder air.”

People we talked to said this is just classic Indiana weather, and they’re used to it.

“You’re born here, you’re bred here, I just think it’s going to happen,” said one man out walking his dog in Broad Ripple. “I’m still wearing shorts, I’m still hoping I can get out and golf a few more times.”

In roughly 48 hours’ time, central Indiana will go from unseasonably warm to unseasonably cold, compared to average temperatures for this time of the year.

“They’re going to be well below average, we should be hovering around 55 for a high,” Wilkes said.

With snow in the forecast for Saturday morning, Indy DPW is on notice as well.

On Friday, the department said Indy Snow Force plans to have 24 drivers on standby overnight. They will be ready to report if or when weather conditions warrant to pre-treat against slippery roads or plow any snow that accumulates.

The department says they are watching forecasts that predict some precipitation early Saturday morning. A light dusting on grassy and elevated surfaces cannot be completely ruled out. The key thing to remember is this is a tricky forecast, that could change as we head into tomorrow morning too.

“If we can be efficient with our pretreating to help some of those slippery conditions, that’s what we’re watching for this evening,” DPW Chief Communications Officer Ben Easley.

Jumping from comfortable fall to snowy winter makes some feel like we almost skipped a season.

“I think we’re in that space where it jumped from the feel of summer right to winter,” said Jim Morris, who was out walking in Broad Ripple on Friday.

But, this is also the Midwest.

“You get in the middle of America like this, it’s either going to be 100s and humid or 15 and you’re going to freeze,” said Dreith.

Wilkes said the sudden jump from warm to chilly can make it seem even colder.

“For us to finally flip the pattern so quickly, it isn’t that shocking, but it is jarring to the system,” he said.

Hopefully, that extra jolt of frost will remind you to prepare the house for winter to come.

“If it’s going to be low in the 20s it’s time to unhook the hoses,” Dreith said.

Which is exactly what Wilkes said folks should watch out for this weekend.

”You can have a pipe burst if you don’t unlatch and take off that garden hose,” Wilkes said.

If you see snow Saturday, make sure to share your pictures with FOX59. Your photos could be featured on our newscasts or website!

Keep an eye on the forecast with Chief Meteorologist Brian Wilkes Friday evening for the latest on timing and totals as well as impacts.