Indy Snow Force tackling major roads in Indianapolis first

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Indianapolis homeowners chose to stay home from work on Thursday after several inches of snow fell overnight and during the morning commute. Indy Snow force drivers had pre-salted the roads, but they were primarily focused on the major arteries until the afternoon.

“Lyla hasn’t seen much slow so we’re checking it out,” said homeowner Nina Root, who spent the day with her young daughter instead of going into work.

“I came up 38th street, and it’s pretty rough all the way down, but they’re getting there,” said Kevin Foy, another homeowner.

Indy Snow force drivers began treating the roads Wednesday morning.
A spokesperson said the fluffy, dry snow came down fast and is unlike anything they have seen this winter.

“When it’s heavy, we switch to tandem plowing so our visibility was little less this trip. People are definitely used to seeing us on all the roads during this time, but we had two to three plows on some of those major thoroughfares,” said Lesley Gordon, Department of Public Works spokesperson.

City contractors, that tackle the residential roads, are on standby, but they will not be activated until Indianapolis gets 6 inches.

“The fact that the snow is broken up, and people are able to drive through it is showing our base coat of salt really did help. It’s just with the rate it came down, there is quite a bit of snow accumulation,” said Gordon.

Homeowners are being reminded to check on their elderly neighbors as the snowy conditions continue.

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