Indy surgeon shares his tips for losing weight on World Obesity Day

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — As part of World Obesity Day, a surgeon at Community Health Network is sharing tips that helped him lose weight.

Obesity is an issue affecting over 95 million American adults and children, and according to Dr. Steven Clark with Community Health Network, is the number one contributor to early mortality in the United States.

“People are eating more, people aren’t as active, the composition of our diet has changed, and all of these things contribute,” Dr. Clark said.

Dr. Clark is a bariatric surgeon, and said extra pounds can complicate surgeries and lead to serious health issues.

“We are starting to see adult diseases in children like diabetes, hypertension and sleep apnea, and we know that’s going to affect their longevity,” Dr. Clark said.

Dr. Clark struggled with his weight when he was in medical school. He said he understands firsthand how difficult it can be to lose unwanted pounds.

“It’s very, very difficult,” Dr. Clark said. “You’re not a failure if you’re unable to lose weight initially, just keep trying, don’t beat yourself up. Try to set realistic goals and keep plugging.”

Weight loss tips from Dr. Clark:

-Talk to your physician and set up an appointment with a dietitian

-Find an eating plan that makes sense to YOU

-Try intermittent fasting, also known as time-restricted eating

-Change eating habits to LOSE weight and exercise to MAINTAIN weight loss

-Write down what you’re eating for two weeks

-Measure out what you eat

-Avoid eating late at night and avoid “mindless eating”

-Pour snacks into a bowl instead of eating out of the box or bag

-“All things in moderation, including moderation.”

-“If 80 percent of the time you do the right thing, you’re going to have great results.”

Formula from Dr. Clark:

-Take your height in inches and divide it by two

-Measure your waist in inches

-If your waist is less than one half of your height, you’re in the clear

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