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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – An Indianapolis teenager is credited with preventing a toddler from drowning.

Haylei McGillis saw a group of young children near a closed swimming pool at a southwest side apartment complex on Sunday. It happened around 8 p.m. Sunday at Arbor Woods Apartments near Southport Road and Mann Road.

A 3-year-old girl had gotten into the pool and her friends were throwing a hose into it to use as a floatie. McGillis, 13, scaled the fence and jumped into the water.

“I just looked away for a quick second and looked back and I saw the little girl… she was like moving her arms then stopped for a second and froze and kept on,” McGillis said.

“I’m like, ‘She’s not dying on my hands,’ so I was like jumping into the water,” she said. “When your adrenaline pumps and you can’t really think, it just went black and I just hurried up.”

McGillis said the little girl coughed up water she got out and seemed OK afterwards.

The teen’s mother said she’s proud of her daughter and thankful she knew how to swim.