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INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis woman is arrested for murder following a deadly stabbing on Indy’s southeast side.

Exactly one week after his 31st birthday, Jamie Trusley was stabbed to death inside a home on Carry Back Lane during a domestic incident that turned to tragedy.

“Nothing will ever be the same as it was before.  Life will be different.  Fortunately, justice will find a way to be served, at least that’s what we hope,” said the victim’s brother Eric Trusley.

Jamie’s older brother Eric is comforted by the fact that the accused killer, Trusley’s longtime girlfriend Jamie Vanhorn has been arrested for murder, but the death has been especially hard on the family because Vanhorn and the victim shared several kids.

“The children are still without a father and now they’re without a mother.  That’s always unfortunate.  We at this point are just trying to pick up the pieces,” said Trusley.

So far, the exact motive for the murder has not been released, but the couple did have a history of arguments prior to the stabbing.

“We’re kind of all confused as to why it led to where it led.  There’s no good reason it took the turn that it did,” said Trusley.

Eric hopes everyone realizes men can also be victims of domestic violence and urges people to escape violent relationships before they turn deadly.

“The biggest thing is people need to understand domestic violence is not a one-way road.  It does work both ways,” said Trusley.  “If anybody is in a situation where domestic violence is part of their daily lives, as hard as it can be, get away as soon as you possibly can.”

Ultimately it will be up to the Marion County prosecutor’s office to file formal charges.   That decision is still pending.