Indy workplaces beginning to relax visible tattoo policies

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – What once was a stigma is slowly becoming the norm.  More Indy workplaces are allowing people to show off their tattoos.

The Cumberland Police Department is letting officers have visible tattoos as long as they aren’t on the person’s face or neck.  The department hopes it will increase the number of applicants they see.  Any controversial or inappropriate tattoos will not be allowed.

“In general, tattoos are more acceptable in our society,” Chief Michael Crooke said in a Facebook post announcing the changes, “Our officers with, or without, tattoos will continue to serve our community.”

This change comes only a few days after the Indiana University Health changed their dress code to allow nurses to openly sport their ink on the job.

“Kind of show who they are through the likes of a great work of art,” said tattoo artist Andrew Gummer.

He recently did work on a local cop.  The officer has a child with autism, and asked Gummer to give him an armful of puzzle pieces. The shapes are a symbol for autism awareness.

“Your kids are such a part of your life, people want to get a tattoo,” Gummer said. “He doesn’t have to face that criticism possibly even lose his job.”

Andrew Gummer says about 10% of his clients are former military looking to commemorate their time in service.

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