10-year-old Indy boy recovers from being hit by stray bullet while sleeping

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INDIANAPOLIS — A 10-year-old boy is recovering after he was shot while sleeping in his bed on the east side of Indianapolis.

Just before midnight, police were called to the Amber Woods apartments after the 10-year-old boy was injured by a stray bullet fired into his bedroom.

Police said the gunfire came from outside the family’s home.

“It’s a callous act for a person to fire into an apartment building in the middle of the night,” said IMPD captain Mike Leepper.

In the daylight, a series of bullet holes were visible after the gunfire riddled two neighboring apartments.

Fortunately, the 10-year-old suffered only a graze wound and will be okay, but some feel the case serves as another example of how shooting into homes is stupid and reckless and could cost innocent people their lives.

“It’s chaotic. It’s cruel. It’s heartless, man,” said community activist Antonio Patton.

According to police, a young girl was also hurt by debris inside the home.

Patton doesn’t know the victims, but as a community activist on the east side, he’s frustrated by the violence.

“He was asleep. He shouldn’t have to be concerned with a bullet coming through his wall. He should be in there dreaming of who he is going to become,” said Patton.

Patton also knows how these incidents can easily turn deadly because he has become friends with the family of Dayshawn Bills. The 12-year-old died after being shot by a stray bullet while playing video games at a home on Leland Avenue in May.

Family approved photo of Dayshawn Bills

“Last time I was covering this story, it was a 12-year-old playing Fortnight in his grandma’s house. That was the safest place on earth for me when I was growing up was grandma’s and grandpa’s,” said Patton.

Last year, 8-year-old Rodgerick Payne Jr. was also killed by a stray bullet while eating dinner inside his home on Tacoma.

Nya Cope died at age 16 when a stray bullet was fired into her mom’s car near 38th and Arlington.

No one has ever been held accountable for those deaths.

“We have no leads. We have nobody speaking up,” said Patton. “Let’s stand up. Enough is enough.”

Anyone with information on any of those unsolved cases is still asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS. 

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