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CHICAGO — Federal agents have seized 100 kilograms (220 pounds) of cocaine in Chicago.

Three people were arrested, and a private plane was seized as part of last Wednesday’s operation, the U.S. Attorney’s office for the Northern District of Illinois said Monday in a release.

The cocaine was part of a suspected Mexico-to-Chicago drug pipeline.

Eighty kilograms (176 pounds) were found in a vehicle in the city’s River North neighborhood, while another 20 kilograms (44 pounds) were taken from a hotel room along Chicago’s Gold Coast, according to criminal complaints filed in federal court.

The drugs allegedly had been flown into an airport in Gary, Indiana, earlier Wednesday from Houston. The flight originated southwest of Mexico City in Toluca, Mexico.

30-year-old Sebastian Vazquez-Gamez, of Toluca, and 25-year-old Rodrigo Alexis Jimenez-Pere, of Columbus, Indiana, were arrested Wednesday in downtown Chicago. 39-year-old Sergio Ivan Blas, of Indianapolis, was arrested Thursday.

A warrant was obtained Monday to seize the plane, a Bombardier Challenger 600 business jet.

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