INDIANAPOLIS — An accused drug dealer on GPS monitoring is arrested this week following a police raid on Indy’s near east side.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department arrested two men on drug charges after cocaine and methamphetamine were found during a search at a near east side home.

The drugs were found during an investigation at a home in the 800 block of N. LaSalle Street.

IMPD’s Violent Crimes Task Force (VCTF) partnered with a SWAT team to make entrance on Thursday.

Once inside police located Joseph Scott, 44, and Glenn Taylor, 39.

Both have a history of drug related convictions and the case is frustrating to some in law enforcement.

“Officers are tired of arresting the same people over and over again,” said Indy FOP President Rick Snyder.

Evidence found at home (IMPD)

Snyder believes the case is another example of the court system in Marion County serving as a revolving door for many repeat violent offenders.

Court records show the bust took place just 23 days after one of the suspects was released from jail on a previous drug dealing charge.

“Our officers are out here risking their lives trying to interrupt this and the system keeps cycling them back out,” said Snyder.

Police booking photo for Joseph Scott

Specifically, just a few blocks away from the home police arrested Joseph Scott in September 2021 for allegedly dealing cocaine in the same neighborhood. Scott uses an alias of Corey Scott.

Scott was released on GPS monitoring after his bond of $80,000 was reduced to just $5,000.

Court records show Scott then violated the terms of his release at least three times before his bond was raised to $10,000 which the suspect posted earlier this month before being arrested again three weeks later.

“I keep saying it. I think it’s a fair question for the courts. How in the heck does this keep happening?” said Snyder. “Our community deserves better than that.”

Because of Scott’s criminal history prosecutors have asked that he be given a higher-than-standard bond in this case.

The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office will make the final charging decision.

Jesse Wells contributed to this report.