INDIANAPOLIS — IMPD is investigating a string of burglaries in and around a shopping complex on the north side of the city.

Right now, it’s unclear if they’re connected. All the incidents happened in and around the 54th Place shopping complex near Keystone Avenue and 54th Street.

In the past four months, at least four businesses in and around it have been burglarized, according to IMPD police reports.

The first happened back in April at the Indy Tacos restaurant. The thief busted through the front window and stole the cash register and a hundred dollars in cash. 

A couple of months later and a few doors down, the Mississippi Belle southern restaurant was hit. 

Then in June, someone broke into the Clean Scene laundromat and stole $2,600 and two firearms. 

The latest happened early Tuesday morning at the Pawn Shop Pub. The burglar shattered the front door and stole $2000 before leaving out the back.

“Burglaries and thefts from vehicles are generally crimes that people commit…they want to do it quickly, they want to break and they want to get something and they want to leave,” Lt. Shane Foley said.

The owner of the Pawn Shop Pub didn’t want to speak on camera but did want businesses and homeowners in the South Broad Ripple neighborhood to be on the lookout. 

IMPD said one of the most effective tools to prevent a break-in is security cameras. 

“They discourage people from committing crimes,” Lt. Foley said. “They help us identify people who have committed crimes both on that property and on the neighborhood properties.”

Foley said businesses and homeowners can also use CPTED or Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. That could include having warning signs or even fencing. All things that make a home or business less appealing to criminals.

“Motion lights that indicate somebody is here on this property, cameras, audible alarms,” Foley explained. “Those things can alert a potential criminal, ‘Hey, we’re watching you.'”

No arrests have been announced in any of the cases. If you know anything that could help IMPD you’re asked to call CrimeStoppers at 317-262-TIPS.