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INDIANAPOLIS – Four people were injured after a shooting for the second consecutive weekend in Broad Ripple.

Police were called to the intersection of Guilford Avenue and Broad Ripple Avenue just after 1 a.m. Sunday.

Officers located four adults with injuries from gunshots and they were all transported to area hospitals in stable condition.

Police say a large disturbance led to shots being fired along Broad Ripple Avenue.

Officers say another disturbance erupted outside an area hospital where at least one victim was receiving treatment. Officers were sent to the hospital to help keep the situation under control.

A double shooting occurred at the same location in Broad Ripple and IMPD says they are fed up with violence.

“I’m not sure where we took a shift to the violence, but like I said it needs to stop,” IMPD Nightwatch Commander Kerry Buckner said.

“We are very disappointed in the way that some of these people are acting when they come down here.  We’ll continue to staff these areas as heavily as possible and to protect the people that are coming down here to have a good time and not coming down here to shoot at each other.”