COLUMBUS, Ind. — The man found guilty in the hit-and-run death of Columbus East junior Lily Streeval will serve four years behind bars, court records reveal.

Shiam Sunder Shankara Subramanian was found guilty in September to both his charges stemming from the deadly hit-and-run that occurred on Aug. 30, 2021.

On Thursday, a judge delivered Subramanian’s sentence stating that the convicted man would serve six years for his crime. However, only four of his six years will be served behind bars as the other two years were suspended to probation. He was also sentenced to three years for his second count, but that time will be served concurrently with his four-year prison sentence.

The crash occurred in the 1900 block of S. Gladstone Avenue at around 7 a.m. Police said 16-year-old Lily Streeval had been attempting to board her school bus when a car driven by Subramanian hit the girl and then fled from the scene.

Subramanian’s Honda Civic reportedly became stuck on an embankment after he tried to turn around in a yard. His windshield was shattered and his car’s hood was dented, police said.

Crash reconstructionists later reported that Subramanian failed to slow down while the bus was stopped.

Subramanian told police he’d been on his way to work and recalled seeing “flashing lights” and realized that he’d “hit something.”