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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– A young man with tears streaming down his face stood in the shade of leafy tree along East 31st Street near North Park Avenue. Before him was a makeshift memorial and a blood trail on the sidewalk. He circled the tree several times before finding an anchor on which to tie a handful of silver mylar star-shaped balloons left in memory of a slain friend.

“He was a real good dude man, a real good dude. I don’t know who would want to hurt him. He don’t do nothing but chill all day. He got family and friends like me, somebody to motivate him and do something good. Just ridiculous,” said the man who said his name was Dave.  “We just all grew up playing football. Playing football in a little field like this. Do Sunday just to get together and do stuff like that. We ain’t never be on nothing hot and doing any of that out of the way stuff. That what we don’t do.”

It was at 9:30 p.m. Monday when IMPD responded to a report of shots fired and found the man fatally wounded.

“You know we always talk about things being targeted and not random,” said IMPD Capt. Harold Turner. ”There is nothing that leads us to believe this is random. This has every indicator to believe that this was some beef between individuals and this is targeted.”

Dave disagreed.

“We don’t beef. We don’t beef,” he said. “We don’t do any of that over here.”

Neighbors said the man died on the street where he walked every day.

An hour before the murder of Dave’s friend, two women were shot in Dubarry Park near 38th Street and Post Road on the eastside.

“Man, that tripped me out when you told me that. I was ready to go,” said Antwan Bobbitt as he watched his two young sons play in the newly remodeled park. “I was like, man, we come up here kind of often, I didn’t even know, I didn’t even hear anything about it.”

Detectives were also called out two more times overnight, to 10th and Lasalle where a man was wounded in a domestic incident and 940 North Dearborn Street where a victim was shot in a house full of witnesses.

Five people were shot within the span of five hours Monday night.

Back on East 31st Street Dave mourned the loss of his friend, “because a person you see every day, its very discouraging. It make you wonder like what’s next? You never know.”

Dave’s friend was Indianapolis 44th homicide victim of the year. Last year at this time, 49 people had died by violent means.