ANDERSON, Ind.- A 13-year-old is recovering after being shot at an Anderson Park, as police search for the suspect that detectives believe is also a juvenile.

“I was in the house and I heard about six shots and I saw the kids running,” said Carl Galbreath, a neighbor.

Monday evening around 6:30 p.m., Anderson Police responded to a shooting at May Park near West 10th Street and Madison Avenue. Officers say the shooting happened in the area between the skate park and basketball courts.

“When I heard about it, (I was) just scared. Kids come to this park to play, you wouldn’t think a park would be a spot for people would want to shoot but it happens,” said Chailana Goolsby, who lives in Anderson.

Police say a group of kids were hanging out when some sort of dispute broke out between two of them.  A gun was pulled and several shots were fired.  A 13-year-old boy who wasn’t involved in the dispute was hit in the upper leg.

“That’s sad, very sad,” said Jabriel Stith, who lives in Anderson.

There are security cameras all around May Park. Police have pulled the footage, which is now evidence in this investigation.

“There were kids all around here,” said Goolsby.

Chailana Goolsby left the park just an hour before the shooting. She admits she was skeptical to return to the park the next day with her two young cousins.

“It is a good park though. I just pray that nothing like this happens again,” said Goolsby.

Police are following up on multiple leads and narrowing in on the search for the shooter.

“For this park to be so nice looking and just being built, you would think it would bring more positivity to the community,” said Stith.

Those who come to May Park want police to catch whoever is responsible to help keep their park and city a bit safer.

“Hopefully, they get to the bottom of it, hopefully they can find the person so this won’t happen no more. I’m just glad that the child lived,” said Goolsby.

At last check, the 13-year-old victim underwent surgery and is expected to be released from the hospital soon.

If you know anything that can help investigators with this case, call Anderson Police Detective Ryan Prado at (765) 648-6755.