INDIANAPOLIS — Police have arrested a 19-year-old in connection to a shooting that injured two people at the Jewish Community Center gymnasium on Saturday. Court records revealed an argument over choosing teams for a basketball game sparked the incident that ended with the suspect pulling a gun from his backpack and shooting one of the victims three times in the stomach.

Latrell Williams of Indianapolis was detained on Wednesday by officers of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department on two counts of battery with a deadly weapon. The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office later charged him with attempted murder, battery by means of a deadly weapon, criminal recklessness, possession of a firearm on school property and possession of marijuana.

According to police, the shooting occurred just before 2 p.m. on Saturday at the JCC, which is located at 6701 Hoover Road on Indy’s north side. Two adult male victims were injured in the gymnasium shooting. Police stated before officers arrived on scene a citizen provided first aid and applied a tourniquet to one of the victims.

Latrell Williams

Court documents revealed the shooting stemmed from an argument on the basketball court that began when Williams was picking teammates for a pickup basketball game. Williams reportedly chose one of the victims for his team, then changed his mind and picked another. The victim reportedly told Williams to “make up his mind,” according to the documents.

The victim reportedly told police the incident intensified after Williams’s team lost and the two again began to argue. The documents state the argument led to Williams allegedly saying, “I am not going to fight you. I am going to shoot you.”

The victim told police Williams then produced a gun from his backpack. Surveillance footage reportedly shows Williams producing the weapon and then putting the gun in his jacket pocket, according to the documents. The victim Williams threatened reportedly continued playing basketball at first but then decided against staying due to the risk of being shot. He told police he went to pick up his things, which were located near Williams, when the 19-year-old pulled the gun out of his jacket and started shooting.

Police said the man who had been arguing with Williams was shot three times in the stomach. Another man who had been playing basketball was shot in the leg, just below his knee, according to the documents.

Police were able to identify Williams as the suspect due to surveillance footage and a sign-in sheet where Williams signed his name and phone number.

After being arrested, detectives reportedly spoke to Williams who at first denied being at the JCC on Feb. 26 until police confronted him with evidence. Williams reportedly admitted to making threats to shoot one of the victims during questioning, according to the court documents, but would end up requesting a lawyer and the interview ended.

Anyone with information on this shooting is asked to call Aggravated Assault detective Roberto Sanchez at (317) 327-3475 or by e-mail at

The JCC released the following statement in regards to the arrest:

We are happy to report that police have arrested a suspect in connection to the shooting that occurred in our gymnasium over the weekend.

Safety and security is of utmost importance at the J and we credit the swift actions of local law enforcement and our Jewish campus staff for their assistance during this event.