INDIANAPOLIS — At least a half dozen homes were damaged by gunfire during an apparent drive-by shooting overnight on Indy’s near east side.

IMPD officers were alerted to detected gunshots in the area of 1100 N. Hamilton Avenue around 9 p.m. Upon arrival to the residential area north of 10th Street, police found multiple shell casings in the road and learned that likely six houses were hit by gunfire.

Police are not sure if any of the homes that were hit by gunfire were targeted or if they were struck at random.

Sitting inside his home, alone with his dog, a homeowner on Hamilton Avenue was surprised to hear a bullet tear a hole in his living room wall Tuesday night.

“Luckily that’s way above where anyone would have been in the living room, so we got pretty lucky,” said Konner Walbridge.

The gunfire also damaged the side of Konner’s neighbor’s home. In all, police said a half dozen houses were hit by gunfire, including two vacant properties.

Police on scene Tuesday night said the gunfire appeared to be shot from a vehicle driving down the street.

While he agrees the shooting was stupid and reckless, Konner feels fortunate no injuries were reported.

“When something like this happens, you never want to have to say I’m lucky I didn’t get shot because it should be avoidable,” said Walbridge.

Police say the use of gunshot detection sensors set up around the neighborhood helped officers quickly respond to the scene.

“We’ve seen this technology on multiple occasions now help solve crimes and help save lives,” said IMPD major Mike Leepper. “So the technology is proving to be worth its weight.”

The gunshot detection technology is being tested over nearly five square miles around 10th and Rural.

Map of gunshot detection system pilot area

The nine week pilot program began in October.

The testing period concludes at the end of next week, after which data will be analyzed to see if the system should be implemented on a permanent basis.

In the meantime, police asked for help catching whoever fired the shots Tuesday night.

“I think everyone should feel safe in their home. We share the community’s frustration. Whenever we have an individual randomly firing shots, that’s not a good thing and we hope to hold those accountable responsible,” said IMPD officer William Young.

IMPD is asking the community to review their doorbell footage that can help with this investigation or if they hear or saw something to call 911. 

So far no arrests have been made.

The department also sent a written statement that added, “IMPD continues to utilize technology to help solve investigations. It is paying off in several ways for our department and the residents of Marion County. It’s helping our officers patrol neighborhoods more efficiently, it is helping detectives solve crimes and it is helping hold those committing violent crimes accountable by acting as a digital witness in the courtroom.”

Anyone with information on the shooting can contact Crime Stoppers at (317) 262-TIPS.