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ANDERSON, Ind. — An Anderson police officer is returning to active duty after the Board of Public Safety cleared him this week. The board reviewed video of an arrest in June which showed officer Brandon Reynolds wrapping an arm around the neck of a man.

The incident occurred just two days after the police department banned the use of chokeholds.

The police department launched an internal investigation. Police said part of it looked into whether officer Reynolds used a chokehold on 21-year-old Spencer Nice. Nice was arrested for resisting law enforcement.

Chief Jake Brown eventually brought disciplinary charges against Reynolds on July 24. A few days later, the City of Anderson Board of Public Safety placed Reynolds on administrative leave without pay pending his hearing before the Board of Public Safety.

But on Monday, board members concluded officer Reynolds did not violate the code of conduct and found he was not guilty of improper use of force.

“I am glad he is back. We don’t want any of our members to be unjustly terminated, and we want to focus on making sure we provide quality service to the communities we represent,” said Michael Anderson, president of Anderson’s Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #48.

Michael Anderson believes the video shows a take down maneuver rather than a chokehold.

Chief Brown declined our request for an interview on Tuesday, but he made a public comment with Mayor Thomas Broderick in mid-June. Both said they were disturbed by what is shown in the video.

“We have other resources and tools to our disposal whether it be OC spray, tasers, depending on what’s going on. There’s a lot of variables on a broad hypothetical,” said Chief Brown during a press conference in June.

Anderson FOP believes the board members made the right decision.

“They took this seriously and came out with a correct conclusion with what happened,” said Michael Anderson.

Nice still faces a pending charge of resisting law enforcement in connection with this incident. Anderson Police Department said they were responding to the sound of gunshots when they found Nice and three others walking in the area. Officer Reynolds claims he saw Nice throw something black against the side of a factory warehouse, according to his probable cause affidavit.