BOONE COUNTY, Ind. – Police confiscated more than 240 fentanyl pills from two men during a traffic stop in Boone County.

Daniel Fairfield, 38, of Lebanon, and Damian Gould, 22, of Thorntown, are both charged with dealing in a narcotic drug and possession of a narcotic drug. Fairfield faces additional possession counts related to heroin and methamphetamine, while Gould is also charged with possession of marijuana.

According to court documents, a Zionsville police officer stopped the pair after observing a Chevy Silverado speeding as it exited from I-465 onto I-865. The officer clocked the truck going 69 mph in a 55-mph zone around 7:35 p.m. on May 9.

Gould was the driver while Fairfield was the passenger, according to court documents. Both handed over their identification and complied with the officer’s requests. The officer noticed a sandwich bag tucked into the front driver’s side door compartment.

A Boone County sheriff’s deputy arrived at the scene with his K9 partner, who “positively alerted” to the presence of drugs in the car. Police handcuffed both men, who agreed to speak with investigators.

Gould told one of the deputies he was “going to jail because he had taken [Fairfield] to purchase drugs.”

Police didn’t find any additional narcotics after searching Gould’s pockets. Fairfield, however, had a vial in his pocket containing meth and pills. He was also in possession of heroin, additional containers with pills and more than $1,300 in cash.

Gould told investigators the pills, which looked like M30 oxycodone tablets, contained fentanyl. In all, investigators found 244 pills in addition to various quantities of meth, heroin and marijuana.

Fairfield told police Gould picked him up after work and they’d gotten pulled over after visiting Dick’s Sporting Goods in Indianapolis. He maintained the drugs found in his possession were for personal use, according to court documents. He denied selling any “illegal narcotics.”

Gould told investigators he and Fairfield traveled to a duplex near 56th Street and Shadeland Avenue in Indianapolis to get the pills from someone he’d bought from in the past. He purchased “70 to 90 pills” and planned to sell 50 of them in Boone County before being stopped for speeding. He said Fairfield provided him with $700 to make the purchase.

Both men are next due in court in July, with jury trials scheduled for August, according to court records.