UPDATE (4/28/2023): Lasean Watkins was sentenced to 240 years in prison.


INDIANAPOLIS — Cameron Banks and Desmond Banks were just 19 and 17 years old when they were arrested in February of 2020 and charged in taking part in the murder of four people. Now, both brothers will be spending the rest of their lives behind bars after being sentenced to 220 years in prison.

“220 years is a lot of time but it does not bring back the lives of our children,” said the mother of one victim, Kendra Ford.

Another victim’s mother, Kim Roberts says the sentencing is bittersweet because nobody wins at the end of the day.

“He was shot like 29 times so I wanted them to know how just hearing that… That someone would do that to someone was just pure evil,” said Roberts.

Cameron and Desmond Banks, along with Lasean Watkins, were convicted in February on multiple counts of murder. Court documents accused the three men of shooting and killing three men and a woman inside an apartment on Indy’s northeast side on Feb. 5, 2020.

Previous reports reveal the men ransacked the apartment after shooting more than 50 rounds, fleeing with duffle bags full of stolen goods and cleaning out a safe. Kimari Hunt, 21, Braxton Ford, 21, Marcel Wills, 20, and Jalen Roberts, 19, were all slain inside the Carriage House apartment.

L to R: Rodreice Anderson, Cameron Banks, Desmond Banks, Lasean Watkins

Rodreice Anderson was also arrested in connection to the quadruple murder but made a plea deal with investigators. Anderson confessed to police that he was a getaway driver and waited in the car while the Banks brothers and Watkins went inside the home and killed the four occupants and robbed the apartment.

“My outcome of what I want to tell each one of these young men is different. So when we go to sentencing on Monday, I think after this one has happened I will be much more prepared. But, when the next one comes that’ll be a totally different story,” said Ford.

Desmond Banks, 17 at the time, was at school when police tracked him down and took him into custody. The rest of the suspects were all 19 at the time of the slayings.

“This case serves as a tragic reminder of the lasting effects of gun violence,” Prosecutor Mears stated. “The Prosecutor’s Office will continue to pursue justice for families like Braxton’s, Kimari’s, Jalen’s, and Marcel’s that have experienced such senseless loss. As a community, it is on us to continue supporting these families and keep the memories of their loved ones alive.”

The two mothers also say they wish people would end the violence.

“You all are given the opportunity to do and be what you want to be. Violence is not a way. You have consequences when you hurt someone,” said Ford.

Also found guilty of multiple counts of murder, Watkins will likely be sentenced to a similar prison term. His sentencing is set for April 28.

Anderson, who pleaded guilty to multiple robbery counts and cooperated with the prosecution, will be sentenced on April 3.

The two mothers are urging parents to know what is going on in their children’s lives.

“Well parents, know where your children are, talk to your children, and be aware of what they are going through. Do they need any mental health services,” said Ford.