Burglar hits popular Broad Ripple restaurant

Indianapolis Area Crime

INDIANAPOLIS — Burglars broke into a popular Broad Ripple restaurant and made off with cash. This hit is just the latest in a string of incidents the hot spot is dealing with.

“I like to think of it as a vacation spot,” says owner Carly Swift talking about her luxurious, popcorn-inspired restaurant Just Pop In, “It has put a bit of a damper on the way that we feel. You never want to feel threatened or violated which we have.”

Swift owns the hot spot with her twin sister Mandy. They call their popcorn-inspired restaurant energetic and positive, but now they are concerned for their safety. The burglary happened just an hour after the shop closed and was caught on their surveillance cameras.

“We are still just trying to make it as well, and the people come and steal from you,” explains Swift, “Stole money out of our tip jar, and went through our POS systems.”

The crook stole a thousand dollars according to police reports. In recent weeks, a customer had their purse stolen from their car in the parking lot. Carly was also in the shop after hours when she found two people hiding in their bathroom.

“[They] confronted me, which was terrifying, thankfully I was able to get them both out of the building, shut and lock the door, then I ended up running out of here,” tells Swift, “We have a pretty secure system, to think someone would be hiding in your building at some point in time.”

Just Pop In is still working with police to figure out how the burglars got into the store. In the meantime, they are putting in a buddy system whenever their employees leave.

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