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INDIANAPOLIS — Three incidents are leaving some people in the Irvington area on edge after several reports of a pellet gun being fired into an Aldi.

“I took two or three steps outside the store, and I felt like a golf ball had been smacked against the side of my neck, I was stunned and leaned over,” said John Ridge.

Ridge said he was walking out of the Aldi when he was hit in the neck by a stray pellet.

 “So, my doctor said go to the emergency room. I took the x-ray which showed a 7-millimeter pellet lodged in my neck,” said Ridge.

Ridge thankfully said he will recover but will have to live with a pellet lodged in his neck for the rest of his life.

The Aldi store manager said the pellet shooting happened for the first time on Friday and then occurred again on Saturday. Two storefront windows were reportedly shattered.

IMPD said a police report was filed on Monday for when Ridge was shot in the neck by the pellet gun.

Residents in the area said the repeated occurrence has them worried.

“It sounds like it’s getting harder and harder to go anywhere these days,” said Susan Siebenthal.

IMPD said for them to find a suspect and for the crime to be stopped, people need to report the crimes.

“We always encourage people to report the incidents no matter what happens. It could help us get more police presence in those areas. Available staff is based upon what people are reporting criminal activity on and where,” said Lieutenant Shane Foley.