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HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. – A caretaker who beat two disabled men inside their Fishers home received a sentence of six years after taking a guilty plea deal.

Michael Anderson was arrested back in August after he attacked two men he was supposed to take care of.

“He has cerebral palsy and he is non-verbal and cannot walk. He wears a diaper. He cannot get up and walk and he cannot tell someone that he has to go to the bathroom. That is their job to take care of him and change him,” said Barbara Greathouse, mother of one of the victims.

She was sick over the fact that her son and his roommate were left helpless after the attack.

Before the men were beaten, one of the victims reportedly had an accident in bed.  Anderson went to change the sheets and had a meltdown.

Anderson hit both men, breaking their bones and leaving them terrified of possible future abuse.

He took a guilty plea deal on two counts of battery resulting in bodily injury to a disabled person, a level 5 felony.

Following the sentence, he will be forced to complete one year of supervised work release.