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Carmel man accused of murdering father to have mental review

HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. — A Carmel man accused of murdering his father will have a mental review to determine if he is competent to stand trial.

The order for a mental evaluation, which was agreed to by a judge in Hamilton County, comes after the suspect allegedly made some outlandish comments about the motive for the murder, including that he believes he is former president Donald Trump.

For nearly nine hours inside a Carmel home on Rolling Springs Drive last month, a woman claims she was beaten, tied up with an extension cord and handcuffed by her own son.

Following that attack, prosecutors believe 40-year-old Christopher Claerbout then stabbed his father to death and left him in the driveway.

Police found 75-year-old David Claerbout dead outside a home in the Woodland Springs neighborhood.

Court records claim after being arrested, the Christopher told police, “He is Donald Trump and his mother is Hillary Clinton and his father is Bill Clinton.”

Christopher said, “He was going to hold his mother under the war crimes act for the crimes she committed against the country. She was a prisoner of war and that she was going to do to Guantanamo Bay.”

The affidavit also claims Christopher told investigators, “His parents passed him around for sex as a child to a lot of politicians.”

Those unusual claims forced his attorneys to file for a competency review, which was granted by a Hamilton County judge.

“Sometimes mental health is a serious issue. In this situation, from the probable cause and information the other attorney and I have determined by talking to the suspect, we believe this is best for our client,” said attorney Mario Massillamany, who was appointed to represent Christopher.

Before leaving the courtroom Wednesday, Christopher told his attorneys to investigate Jeffrey Epstein in connection to the case. He could also be heard telling his attorneys that he is a licensed attorney in the state and passed the Bar exam under an assumed name.

“Every defendant has a right to assist their attorneys and provide a defense for themselves,” said Massillamany.

In addition to competency, the defense filed a second notice to pursue an insanity defense if the case goes to trial.

“Two totally different issues were discussed today. One is was he competent when he committed the crimes, and two is he competent to stand trial,” said Massillamany.

If Christopher is found not competent by two independent doctors, the criminal case could essentially be put on hold.

In addition to murder, Christopher is charged with criminal confinement, domestic battery, intimidation and theft.

For now, the trial is set for May, but that will have to be delayed pending the result of the mental evaluation.