CARMEL, Ind. – A Carmel man was charged after police said he fondled his genitals while reportedly demanding “oral sex” from a cleaning service woman in the men’s bathroom.

Ronald D’Onofrio, 71, was charged with criminal confinement, Level 6 felony; public indecency and activity related to obscene performance, both Class A misdemeanors.

Court documents stated officers began investigating a possible sexual assault on Oct. 23 around 3:30 p.m. This was at an office building on Congressional Boulevard.

Officers said they spoke to the victim, who primarily spoke Spanish. She told police that before cleaning the men’s room, she noticed it was occupied.

The woman announced herself and waited for all occupants to exit the restroom. After observing the last occupant, later identified as D’Onofrio, the woman said she entered to begin her cleaning.

Ronald Donofrio booking photo (Hamilton County Jail)

D’Onofrio reportedly then went back in and touched the woman’s right shoulder causing her to turn around and see him standing closely behind her in between the doorway.

D’Onofrio also had his pants pulled down just below before he began touching and fondling his genitals, according to the probable cause.

The woman said D’Onofrio demanded her to “suck his [expletive]” while he was “jerking off.” She added that she was later able to get around D’Onofrio and found someone to help her.

She said she did not know the man and was very frightened and “feared for her safety” after the incident.

Investigators then reviewed the building’s security camera footage and witnessed the cleaning woman waiting outside the bathroom around 3:30 p.m. and entering once D’Onofrio left.

Shortly after the woman entered, D’Onofrio went back in behind her and was in the restroom with the woman for approximately 22 seconds which was when the reported incident happened.

Police got statements from two others; one confirmed that the woman flagged him down and used hand gestures to explain D’Onofrio was demanding oral sex from her.

During a later interview with D’Onofrio, he claimed after using the restroom the first time, he left before getting an urge to go again. He then claimed to walk back in after that.

D’Onofrio stated the woman didn’t speak English but he asked her to leave and when she “refused,” he left the restroom.

Detectives said they had not asked if D’Onofrio had touched the woman but he mentioned that “he did not touch her” and claimed the interaction was only approximately “15 seconds long.”

Police then began noting several inconsistencies made by D’Onofrio, indicating deception. They said he told his employer a different story than what he was telling now.

They added surveillance footage also didn’t match up with his description of events and that he went out of his way to go to the restroom on the second floor when there was one on the first floor.

An initial hearing hasn’t been scheduled.